Who We Are?

NF International is structured to provide professional services in water environment technologies to the engineering projects in the global market. The network covers the Middle East, Europe, North America, South America, Australia and the Far East. NF International is partnering with powerful professionals around the world. The services include the following as a water solutions group: 1. Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment. 2. Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment. 3. Storm Water Drainage Systems. 4. Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Related to Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment and Storm Water Drainage Systems. 5. Operations and Maintenance of Water Treatment Plants, Wastewater Treatment Plants and Storm Water Drainage Systems.

President & CEO

Mohammed H. Abu-Naiyan

Mohammed H. Abu-Naiyan   Mohammed holds a BS Degree in Civil Engineering with Honors from KFUPM in 1981 and a Graduate School in Environmental Engineering from University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA in 1986. Mohammed also attended the school of Management at North Texas States University, Denton, Texas, USA in 1982 and the Institute of Hydromechanics and Water Resources in Zurich, Switzerland in 1983. Mohammed has many years of decades experience in civil and environmental engineering as a consultant.He started his early career with Jacobs SverdrupCorporation in Saint Louise, Missouri, USA in the early 1980’s, and worked on many infrastructure projects dealing with designs of roads,highways, tunnels and water/wastewater treatment/ networks and stormwater management for NASA and in Missouri State and other locations in USA and international. Later, he joined Aramco as an Environmental Engineering Specialist and the leader of the Wastewater Management& Marine Protection Group and the Land & Groundwater Group of the Environmental Protection Department.Mohammed worked as a consultant with Metcalf & Eddy International (AECOM) in Wakefield, MA, USA on many civil/water/wastewater projects including Boston Harbor Wastewater Treatment Plant, (One of the largest WWTPs in the world with a design capacity of 1.3 Billion Gallons Per Day).Mohammed has established Saudi Arabian Water Environment Association, (www.sawea.org) in 2002.He is the Founder and the First President of SAWEA. Mohammed has chaired international conferences and presented many technical scientific papers in his area of specialty around the world. Mohammed acts as the Chairman, of the ETC Group that deals with civil and environmental engineering projects and includes Arsinals Engineering, EI Consult International and NF International. The ETC Group provides services in Environmental, Transportation, Urban Planning, Structural and Architectural.Also, Mohammed holds the Position of the President & CEO, NF International where he is currently involved in many projects that deal with civil and environmental engineering.Mohammed was and currently involved in several research projects related to industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, disposal and reuse.